About Us

Wiscott Holdings is one of the active investor igniting growth opportunities arising from the digital convergence of communities, users, services and Content. With Years of experience investing in different businesses like building and operating CMT businesses across the globe, Wiscott Holdings have developed a proven approach backed by extensive industry expertise and knowledge to help our investments succeed and grow.

Our dedicated team of industry professionals has broad experience in the different sector in both emerging and developed markets. Applying our investor operator abilities, we help our portfolio companies to grow their businesses and unleash their potential.

We believe collaboration is the key, to expand the growth horizons and unlock the potential within our portfolios.

We work with our portfolio companies and business partners to achieve mutual success and we take a long term view on value creation. By facilitating collaborative partnerships, we help our portfolio companies to get the most out of on today’s shifting business landscape, create differentiated solutions and develop competitive advantages.

With our worldwide network of partners and portfolio companies, we convey an international perspective and knowhow with sector or market detailed expertise and insights. These strategic relationships create concerted opportunities for development and growth.

Investment Strategy

We, at Wiscott Holdings, are company builders. Across three key domains – Commercial Investment, Heavy Industry, and Agriculture We apply our company building skills, a huge network of resources and stable capital base to help our portfolio companies become leaders in their own markets. While the preponderance of our investments focuses on companies in the early seed stages of development, a significant share of our capital is also concentrating toward enterprise growth equity opportunities. These are later stage companies where the sum of capital invested far surpasses what is considered Conventional venture capital, but other characteristics of the investment, such as the considered risk and company strengthening opportunity, are consistent with the distinctive venture capital investment profile.

Always at the lead of the evolving venture capital industry, Wiscott Holdings’s strategy today flashes the significant changes in the comprehensive economy and the remarkable growth of developing economies. With investing activities traversing four continents, we at Wiscott Holdings, have to guide the venture industry across the Pacific and will continue to opportunistically invest in pioneering technologies and developing markets regionally and throughout the planet.

Business Focus

Grounded on a beliefs of achieving value for our stakeholders, we repeatedly evolve our portfolio by investing in and guiding existing portfolio companies to be future prepared.

Centred on three business segments – Commercial Investment, Heavy Industry, and Agriculture we aim to add distinct and corresponding value to the portfolio with each company we invest in. Through concerted synergies, they enhance and expand the significance of the entire ecosystem.

This self-motivated relationship accelerates the exchange of experience and competencies at the point when different platforms interconnect, catalysing new business opportunities in several ways.

Commercial Investments

We have a diverse portfolio of more than a dozen companies in the region, which have collectively been bankrolled by private capital. It includes commercial companies which deal in construction works, consumer products, alternative energy, etc.

We favor to invest in Solar and advance batteries and energy-saving constructions elements more because in today’s world these are the most outstanding technologies which are growing more rapidly than other energy technologies, we know these are the tomorrow of coming generation and will be very helpful in future and will have a great market in coming days.

Heavy industry

We at Wiscott Holdings believes that Big and Heavy industries are one of the most important industries which help us to make dream projects, with the help of heavy machinery and these industries are the reason today we can make buildings penetrating sky.

Wiscott Holdings has developed deep expertise in working along with heavy industries to bring best out of all.


In Addition to our industry experience, we have involved in various agriculture Endeavors as well. We greatly Believe in the fact that a healthy environment should be there to live longer and to do so we should invest more towards agriculture. Beside all, Wiscott Holdings’s major concern is Better and Healthy Food which we have involved in business, research, and public actions.

We are well known for our support of Life extension think-thank in numerous non-profit projects. We are the managing trustee of the Bio-Gerontology Research foundation.

Risks and Risk Management

Risk management is part of the management’s governance and follows up of the business. At Wiscott Holdings, risk management is an essential part of the processes, meaning that control and responsibility for control are close to the business operations. Wiscott Holdings’s management decides on risk levels, commands and limits for the parent company and its business areas, while the management of the operating subsidiaries decide on policies that have been adjusted to manage the risks in their respective businesses.

In its business, Wiscott Holdings is exposed to financial risks, commercial risks including market risks such as credit risk liquidity, share price risk and financing risks. Investor is also exposed to political, operational, legal and regulatory risks. Our most significant risk is share price risk.

Our Risk policy sets measurement and mandates for market risks for the short-term trading, financing activities, and excess liquidity. The policy also outlines principles for foreign exchange risk management in association with investments and cash flows in foreign currency, determinations and limits for credit risks and principles to decrease regulatory, legal, and operational risks in the business.

Risk assessment

Identifying and evaluating risks that could hinder the company from achieving its business goals and having strong financial reporting, is conducted continuously in the day to day business. The Management follows up regularly on limits and risk exposure to assure the ability to reach business plans and goals. The CEO is responsible for ensuring that the company complies with the Risk policy and for the constant management of all risks within the business.

Risk assessment is conducted yearly in the form of a self-evaluation and involves the establishment of action plans to moderate identified risks. Risk assessment incorporates the entire organization and all of its processes as well as risk for failures in the financial reporting. It takes into consideration such things as control activities, systems, and key individuals.

The identified risks are organized in a company-wide risk map. Resolutions drawn from the risk assessments are reported to the Management group. Management group follow up on the implementation of action plans and report back to the Board.


We believe that sustainable development and growth can only be achieved in joint venture with the local community. Economies and Businesses can only thrive in the presence of strong communities.

Recognising this intrinsic link between our businesses, local communities and the environment, Wiscott Holdings aims to promote good corporate citizenship and social responsibility.

We do your best to contribute to the neighbourhood where we have a presence through inventiveness that promote sustainable development. We believe that the community engagement, philanthropy, education of future generations and industry development are critical in developing prosperous and sustainable economies.


At Wiscott Holdings, we offer thrilling career opportunities. We welcome talents of miscellaneous backgrounds and cultures to join our teams.

You will be able to do extremely well wherever you are in your career path. Whether you join us as an intern, a graduate appoint or an experienced appoint, you immediately become part of the team and all your contributions matter.

Maximise your potential with our thrilling internship and graduate hire opportunities.
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